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Posting Your Multimedia Shows

Some of you have asked how you can share your shows and there are two ways of doing this.

If you have your own web site, you can take that publish_to_web folder and upload it to your side, then link to it. You can also upload it and then use the Soundslides Emebed utility if you have a CMS in place. That will also work, sometimes, if you don’t have a self-hosted site.

Second option, which will degrade the quality a little and cause you to lose the captions, is to convert it to a video using the Soundslides Video Converter. You will need to compress the exported publish_to_web folder and then upload it, then you’ll get a link emailed to you and you can download the video. Then upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube.


Learning Soundslides

Earlier this semester I said that Photo Mechanic was one of my two favorite programs, Soundslides is the other one. What it allows you to do is fairly stunning.

Here’s the tutorial on it:

So, what should you be doing in the next few days? I hope you have recorded your audio already as that will let you do your audio editing over the weekend. Audacity is free and available for both Mac and Windows machines. Read all the installation steps as you need to get the LAME Encoder, too, so you can export an MP3.

If you come in with your audio done on Monday, once we wrap up the Inspiration projects you can get to work on editing your photos then heading into Soundslides.

Pro Tip: Older versions of Audacity were a touch finicky, the current one seems much more stable. Still, try to get all your editing done in one session to be safe.

Soundslides only takes in two types of files – photos as JPGs and audio as MP3s. There’s no audio editing to be done in Soundslides, just arranging and setting timings.

Pro Tip: While working in the lab, you must use your own headphones so everyone around you doesn’t go crazy. Your earbuds are fine if that’s all you have.

Some of you may have discovered there is a free demo version of Soundslides available. Which is great, but it leaves a big message on your project saying you were too cheap to buy it. If you submit that, I won’t accept it – we spent the money for licensed software and expect everything to come in as legally exported projects.

Pro Tip: If you bring the entire project in, copy it to the lab machines, open it in a licensed version, save it and then export it, it is supposed to clear the demo message warning.

Questions? Send them on.

Business Practices

Alum Dylan Wilson sent along a link to a post by Robert Seale on business practice for photographers, a very good read.

Towards the end Seale has a list of books you must own, I’ll add one more that’s due out this summer – John Harrington’s More Best Business Practices for Photographers. Harrington talked about this book at the NPPA’s Northern Short Course last month and I’ve already preordered it. This is not an update but a new book and it will have a stellar section on the mechanics of registering images with the copyright office – that alone will be worth the $25 for you.

More Craig Walker Stories

So, I’m trying to send you over to the Ian Fisher: American Soldier package for which Craig Walker won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, but the multimedia components are no longer working. Have sent an email to them, will let you know what I hear back.

Meantime, you can read the stories that have some of the photos embedded in them on the Denver Post’s site. There is a huge gallery of 82 stills up on the Post’s Plog site, as well.

The New York Times’ Lens blog also has a gallery of the images up along with some background on the package. The winning entry is posted on the Pulitzer Prize site, too.

But I really wanted you to see the videos, will let you know when/if we can see them again.

Walker’s second Pulitzer came in 2012 for a story on Brian Scott Ostrom and his struggles with PTSD after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.

The other package I mentioned is a Big Picture photo blog page looking at Superstorm Sandy a year later. Think about how those images compare to the ones from the days after the storm – what differences do you see?

Dave LaBelle

Francis Gardler put together these videos about Dave LaBelle, please take a look at all of them over break:

Now that you’ve fallen for him (everyone does, it’s okay to admit it), head over to order your own copy of The Great Picture Hunt 2.