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More Craig Walker Stories

So, I’m trying to send you over to the Ian Fisher: American Soldier package for which Craig Walker won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize, but the multimedia components are no longer working. Have sent an email to them, will let you know what I hear back.

Meantime, you can read the stories that have some of the photos embedded in them on the Denver Post’s site. There is a huge gallery of 82 stills up on the Post’s Plog site, as well.

The New York Times’ Lens blog also has a gallery of the images up along with some background on the package. The winning entry is posted on the Pulitzer Prize site, too.

But I really wanted you to see the videos, will let you know when/if we can see them again.

Walker’s second Pulitzer came in 2012 for a story on Brian Scott Ostrom and his struggles with PTSD after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.

The other package I mentioned is a Big Picture photo blog page looking at Superstorm Sandy a year later. Think about how those images compare to the ones from the days after the storm – what differences do you see?


Dave LaBelle

Francis Gardler put together these videos about Dave LaBelle, please take a look at all of them over break:

Now that you’ve fallen for him (everyone does, it’s okay to admit it), head over to order your own copy of The Great Picture Hunt 2.

ASSIGNMENT: Camera Simulators, Reading

To help you learn, some things to play with …

The first is the CameraSim. Set this to the Manual mode and then you can try adjusting the ISO, aperture and shutter to see what effects each has.

The second simulator comes to us from Canon of Canada, complete with a little exposure meter.

Give each of these a try and see how it feels.

To get you ready for next Wednesday, you should take a look at the manual for the camera. Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 will be very helpful. Some of those will be talking about automatic modes and things we won’t use, but mixed in is information that you do need – and that which you won’t need right away, you should be aware of.

Welcome … Now Get to Work

I’m really looking forward to this semester. We had a great run in the fall, fully expect to do the same in the next few months.

The syllabus is online – make sure you click through to the course policies page, you have to know that stuff.

A couple of things to work on … Where do you spend the most amount of time when you’re at home? In that space, look around and take a photo of one unique item. Once you have it, post it to Twitter with the hashtag of 3610am or 3610pm (depending on your section).

For Wednesday, bring in a question from today’s discussion and please read this recent New Yorker piece by Craig Mod on photography – how do you feel about this?

For next week, please read the Forward, Introduction and Chapter 1 in the Joe McNally book.