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Posting Your Multimedia Shows

Some of you have asked how you can share your shows and there are two ways of doing this.

If you have your own web site, you can take that publish_to_web folder and upload it to your side, then link to it. You can also upload it and then use the Soundslides Emebed utility if you have a CMS in place. That will also work, sometimes, if you don’t have a self-hosted site.

Second option, which will degrade the quality a little and cause you to lose the captions, is to convert it to a video using the Soundslides Video Converter. You will need to compress the exported publish_to_web folder and then upload it, then you’ll get a link emailed to you and you can download the video. Then upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube.


Soundslides Hysteria

It sounds like there is a lot of entertainment in the lab this afternoon … let me answer the questions I’m getting.

CAPTIONS: When you import images into Soundslides, it brings over the captions you wrote in either Photo Mechanic or Photoshop. You need to rewrite those into what we would normal call “cutlines.” A cutline (even though Soundslides calls them captions) is what the public would see and is structured much like what you see published online and in print.

The first time you should a character, you need all of their info – name, age, job title, etc. On subsequent appearances, much like in a news story, last name only.

Your cutlines should flow – imagine someone looking at your piece without the audio, would they understand the story from the images and cutlines?

Some of those cutlines will be only one sentences, some may be more. None should have the contact information for your subjects in them – ever.

EXPORTING: The video has an older version of Soundslides in it so the contents of the publish_to_web folder will be a little different. This is what your folder should look like:

Screen Shot 2014 04 25 at 12 51 37 PM

If you’re seeing more than one folder, named “400_300” and “600_450,” you did not set the output size to large. In Soundslides, there’s a Modify pulldown menu and, at the bottom of it is the option to cane the output size.

Remember that you need to rename that publish_to_web folder and drop the folder with its contents on the server.

AJ Reynolds at the Red & Black


On Thursday 4/17 AJ Reynolds from the Athens Banner-Herald will be at The Red & Black at 5:30 to give a quick photo talk and then field questions from students about the industry, gear, portfolios or anything else VJ related. After the talk and questions he will critique portfolios. If students do not have a website/online portfolio they should bring between 20-30 images on a flash drive or external hard drive to be critiqued.

Here is a link to his website if you would like to include it on the blog:

Business Practices

Alum Dylan Wilson sent along a link to a post by Robert Seale on business practice for photographers, a very good read.

Towards the end Seale has a list of books you must own, I’ll add one more that’s due out this summer – John Harrington’s More Best Business Practices for Photographers. Harrington talked about this book at the NPPA’s Northern Short Course last month and I’ve already preordered it. This is not an update but a new book and it will have a stellar section on the mechanics of registering images with the copyright office – that alone will be worth the $25 for you.