Due on the server by 5 p.m. On Monday, May 5, is your final portfolio and multimedia project.

Your portfolio is ten images that were made this semester, fully captioned, cropped and appropriately toned. They should show a variety of image types (long, medium, closeup, portrait, news, feature, etc.) to demonstrate the competencies you have mastered. Look for great light, good moments, clean compositions and storytelling.

You may have packages of 2-3 photos from the same subject (each image will be considered one image), but those photos need to work as a package.

You may have images from your multimedia project but they cannot be the same or substantial similar.

To submit, create a folder titled LastName_portfolio and inside that put your ten images and the final version of your multimedia project.

Things to watch out for …

– Not saving files as true JPGs
– Errors on your captions
– Not properly naming your images
– Not having ten images
– Turning in images that are not sharp
– Turning in images that are not properly exposed
– Turning in a multimedia project that was not exported properly and legally

Questions? As always, send them along.


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