ASSIGNMENT: Multimedia

Hopefully, you are well under way with your audio and have your photos mostly edited. During class time tomorrow, you should be able to knock out your presentation. Make sure you have watched the Soundslides video so you know how to start and you bring headphones – don’t make everyone else listen to your project.

There are two changes from the video you will need to make, both of them fairly minor:

  1. On the opening page, where you create a New project, there is a box for Output Sizes. You should check the Large button.
  2. Under the Template tab, click on Shell and set the pull-down to ios_html5. If you don’t do that, you’ll end up with a project that won’t play on iOS devices.

Here’s a quick checklist of what you need to do …

  • Edit Your Audio: Get it down to 90-120 seconds, no less and not much more.
  • Edit Your Photos: You need to have all of your photos cropped and toned in one folder – you import them as a batch so keep them together. Make absolutely sure they are JPGs – we have had some issues this semester with folks not saving as true JPGs or as PSDs, Soundslides will reject your images if they aren’t JPGs.
  • Create Your Soundslides Project: Remember to create a new folder for it and set the output size to large before importing your audio and photos
  • Rearrange Your Photos: Look for the natural breaks in your audio, listen for the punctuation – wherever there’s a period, comma or semicolon, that’s a natural place to transition from one image to another. Make sure what they’re saying matches what you’re showing.
  • Write Your Cutlines: These are different than your captions in that they should flow from one image to the next. Think about the viewer who can’t listen to the audio – can they understand the story? Think about your AP lessons – last name only on second reference and not every cutline will need a second sentence.
  • Clean Your Cutlines: No contact info, no credit info in the cutlines. We never publish our subject’s contact info. Ever.
  • Save Often
  • Set the shell to ios_html5.
  • Set the Template to Black
  • Export
  • Test: Firefox is occasionally finicky, drag the index.html file onto the Safari icon and make sure it works.
  • Rename the publish_to_web folder: That’s the only thing you will put on the server, not the whole project folder.

I’ll be in the lab for your entire class on Wednesday, pepper me with questions.


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