ASSIGNMENT: The Portrait

For your next assignment, you need to select someone the community needs to know about and tell us their story in one, controlled, posed frame. This is a situation you completely control – the who, the where, how they pose, what they wear, etc. You want this image to tell us something about them, so think critically about what’s in the frame. This is not a mug shot – it may be head and shoulders, it may be full body length, but make sure the photo tells a story on its own.

Think about the relationship between the foreground and the background. Do you want to push it together? Pull it apart? How do they fit into the space you’ve chosen?

What props or space do you include? Where is the light coming from and does it reflect the mood you want to infer?

Most importantly – does it tell a story?

Don’t forget captions on these.

This is due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, February 28.

For the morning section, here are the videos I did not get us through. Again, I apologize – in trying to cram light and portraits together, I may have done a disservice to each.

These were created for Profoto, a company that manufacturers really nice strobes, but Gregory Heisler does a nice job talking about his start and how he approached shooting portraits. (Note that this is three parts …)

This is a bit of a plug for the Maine Media Workshops, but it’s worth the time …

Maine Media Interview with Gregory Heisler from Maine Media Workshops + College on Vimeo.

And if you really fall in love with him, here’s a two hour talk he did … I’m still working my way through it, but I love his stuff so much …


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