ASSIGNMENT: Depth of Field

This assignment is due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, February 14. You will have some time in the second half of next Wednesday’s class to work on this, so try to shoot it before then.

You need to find a relatively stationary scene, one that you will make four photographs of in short succession. Your sequence should be as follows:

1. 28 mm, f/2.8
2. 28 mm, smallest aperture possible*
3. 75 mm, f/2.8
4. 75 mm, smallest aperture possible*

* Maximum of f/8

You must move yourself between the 28 mm and 75 mm frames to achieve the same composition. Look for a setting in which you have a clear, well defined foreground subject that is 5-6 feet away from you at 28 mm and a secondary point of interest that is at least 15 feet further back so you can see the effects of lens compression and expansion.

Compositionally, your main subject should be shown from their waste to the top of their head, approximately.

Remember that you need full captions for this – get the subject’s name, age, hometown and major or job title. Also remember that as you move from f/2.8 to f/8.0 or beyond you must alter your shutter speed, too.

Don’t try to do this indoors or in low light – you will need to stop the lens down several stops and you want to make sure your shutter speed stays above 1/60 of a second to keep everything sharp.

One more tip … remember it is easiest to focus at 75 mm so, for the first set, zoom in to 75 mm, focus, then zoom back out to 28mm and set exposure and composition. Focusing at 28 mm can be difficult because the depth of field is more extensive.

When you come in to process your images, you’ll need to go through the Photo Mechanic workflow. Here’s another video on Photo Mechanic that will help you make your selections after you’ve brought your images over.

Yet another tip … if you look at the top bar of the Photo Mechanic window and it does not have the folder name you created (for instance, it shows 100Canon), then you are still looking at the memory card and not the copied, renamed and captioned images. Click the red dot in the upper left corner to close that window and then drag your folder from the desktop to Photo Mechanic to open it. You can also look at the file name below each image – if it doesn’t have the date code and your initials on it, you’re probably looking at the card.


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