ASSIGNMENT: The Portfolio

Your final portfolio is due on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, May 3.

Your portfolio will consist of 10 images you created this semester. Each image should be cropped, toned and properly captioned.

I’m looking for visual variety – show me what you’ve learned and how you see your world now. Think long, medium and close-up shots. A portrait or two. Some news, some features. Maybe a three-image package from one event. Think about great light, great moments, clean backgrounds and important stories that your community needs to understand.

You can include images from your story but they cannot be the same or substantially similar to ones used in your multimedia piece. If I deem them to be too similar, they’ll be dropped from your portfolio.


You should create a folder titled “LastName_Portfolio” and, in it, should be your ten images AND a folder with the final, legally exported version of your multimedia story. That’s it – I open your folder and see ten images and a folder with your slideshow.

As always, check your captions and test your slideshow. I am happy to look at images this week. I’ll be in the lab Tuesday morning from 9-11, Wednesday from 1-5 and all day Thursday. I’ll be in there on Friday afternoon, too, but will not look at portfolio images, I’ll just handle technical issues.

There are 32 students who need to turn in their portfolios by Friday, don’t wait – not having an open machine is not an excuse to miss deadline.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Send them along.


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