ASSIGNMENT: Multimedia Project

Due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, Aoril 26, is your completed, legally-exported* audio slide show. This should be between 90 seconds and two minutes in length. On average, previous presentations have had 15-20 photos in them.

Once you have completed your audio, you will need to export it from Audacity as an MP3 file. Once you have finished editing your photos, they should all be saved as JPGs into one folder. Upon launching Soundslides, set the output size to large, then import both the audio and photos, then start ordering the images and matching the transitions to the natural breaks in your audio.

Every image needs to have an edited cutline on it. Remember that a cutline is different from the captions you have been writing all semester long. Your cutlines should describe what is happening in the photo and they will flow together like a story, which means you can use just last names on second references. They are there so that if someone cannot hear the audio, the story still makes sense.

You must have a headline on your package.

Your credit and contact information will go in the credit field and not on each individual cutline. You also never publish your subject’s contact information.

You must set the template to black.

You must change the Shell to “html5 compatible.”

When everything is done, click the Export button – that will compile the show and open up a folder named “publish_to_web” for you. Double-click on the index.html file to test your project.

That folder will be inside your project folder. Rename it with a date code, your initials and a slug. That whole, renamed folder needs to go on the server. Do not upload your complete project folder. If you don’t rename the “publish_to_web” folder, your project will be deleted from the server and you will be given a zero on this assignment.

Places where things go wrong:

  • No headline
  • No cutlines or unedited cutlines
  • Missing credit info
  • Turning in the whole project instead of just the exported folder
  • Forgetting to change the shell to html5

Questions? Send them along.

* So, you caught that asterisk … you can download a fully-functional demo version of Soundlides from their web site and work on your own machine if you like. However, if you export from the demo version, you get a warning message that it’s from a demo version. I will not accept that and will assign a grade of zero for this project. To clear that message, you will need to open the project on a licensed version of Soundslides, save it and then export it. It is your responsiblitiy, if you choose to do this, to make sure it works. Under no circumstances will I accept a demo-messaged project. Please note that we only have licenses for Soundslides, NOT Soundslides Plus. If you build your project in Plus, you will have to pay for the license as we cannot export those.


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