ASSIGNMENT: Recording Audio

Before Monday’s class, please do a short audio interview with a friend, classmate or roommate. You will need to have the following information in the audio file:

  • Name
  • Hometown
  • Age
  • Major
  • Why they chose their major
  • What they miss about their hometown
  • If they could do anything when the semester ends, what would it be

Remember that you’ll need to structure your questions so they respond in ways you can use only their voice. Pay attention to where you are recording so you don’t have any background sounds to worry about.

In class on Monday, you’ll have 40 minutes to download, edit, export and copy your audio to the server.

If you need to borrow a recorder, you can do that between 10 and 1:45 on Thursday and 10 and 3:45 on Friday for a 30 minute interval. You will need to copy your audio off of the recorder within that time frame, so plan accordingly.


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