ASSIGNMENT: Long, Medium and Close-up

Due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 29, is a three-photo package – one long shot, one medium shot and one close-up. This should preferably be of the person you are planning on profiling for your multimedia assignment (but does not have to be).

Help your audience understand who this person is, what they do, where they do it and why we should care about them.

The three photos should have different content to them – don’t shoot wide, zoom in, shoot medium, zoom in again … give us some strong visual variety so that all three frames could be used together in one package if you needed to. Think about horizontals and verticals, think about shooting from down low or up high.

Choose your subject carefully – it should be someone who does something physical and in great light. The chef at your favorite restaurant is amazing, no doubt, but unless they’re outdoors cooking all day … don’t put yourself in a difficult position is what I’m saying. Put yourself in a good place to make great images.

As you’re shooting, start listening – what do you hear? Listen for the little sounds that help fill up the place.

Questions? Send them along, as always.


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