Due on the server by Friday, Feb. 15, is a folder with 36 mug shots of people you don’t know. (FYI, in the morning class, I misspoke on the deadline – you have two weeks to get this done, not one.)

These images are tight, full frame, head-and-shoulders images as shown in class (and seen on most ID cards). Break these into six chunks:

  • 1-6 – shoot at 75 mm in bright sun
  • 7-12 – shoot at 75 mm in the shade
  • 13-18 – shoot at 50 mm in bright sun
  • 19-24 – shoot at 50 mm in the shade
  • 25-30 – shoot at 28 mm in bright sun
  • 31-36 – shoot at 28 mm in the shade

Note that you will need to be moving closer with each grouping to keep filling the frame. Make sure these are all verticals, too.

For each person, who you should not know, you need to gather their name, age, hometown, major (or job) and a piece of contact information for them. To help, here’s a printable form to keep track of the info.

Spread this out, but leave plenty of time for image processing and caption writing. You may want to do this in chunks, creating a folder on your USB drive and saving the completed ones into it as you go.

Questions? As always, send them along.


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