Wiki Work for the Afternoon Section

Here’s the schedule:

Jan 14, 2013 Report: Baldwin, Bulmer Edit: Chanin, Childs
Jan 23, 2013 Report: Branch Edit: Walsh
Jan 28, 2013 Report: Gonzalez-Smith, Hardy Edit: Thompson, Shim
Feb 4, 2013 Report: Kim, Matthews Edit: Branch, Russell
Feb 11, 2013 Report: Moran, Petty Edit: Rabalais, Kim
Feb 18, 2013 Report: Chanin Edit: Moran
Feb 25, 2013 Report: Rabalais, Russell Edit: Petty, Matthews
Mar 4, 2013 Report: Childs Edit: Hardy
Mar 18, 2013 Report: Shim Edit: Gonzalez-Smith
Mar 25, 2013 Report: Thompson Edit: Bulmer
Apr 8, 2013 Report: Walsh Edit: Baldwin


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