Welcome, Readings, Etc.

Well, day one … I think we’re going to get through it without any major crises.

So, what you need to be doing now.

For Wednesday’s class, please come in with another question about photojournalism – the techniques, the ethics, the industry, a particular image or photojournalist … we’ll start with a discussion about your interests.

I want you to read this piece by Wasim Ahmad about names and captioning. If you run through the syllabus, you’ll see that every image needs to have a caption on it. Prof. Ahmad does a nice job of explaining why.

I also want you to watch the video below of Amy Cuddy talking about body language from a TED talk last year.

On Wednesday I’ll have a sheet of times for you to drop by and chat on Friday. I want you to start thinking about what you care about. What issues are important to you right now?

For next Monday, I want you to read the Forward, Introduction and Part One of the McNally book. It’s an easy read, lots of photos.

Welcome, I think we’re going to have a grand time.


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