Software Notes

For your multimedia project, there are two pieces of software that you can download and install on your machine:

Audacity: This is the audio editing software we have used in class. After downloading and installing that, you will also need to get the LAME MP3 encoder (link available on the download pages). Once you have that, run the installer and save the file into your Audacity folder. Then, launch Audacity, go to Preferences -> Libraries and point Audacity at the library. If you don’t do this, you cannot export as an MP3.

Soundslides: You can download a trial of the audio slideshow software if you need to work outside of the lab. Note that you cannot turn in a project with the “Made with Soundslides Demo” messages on it. If you turn in a project that was exported from an unlicensed version of Soundslides, it will not be accepted and will be treated as a missed deadline – a zero will be recorded for that assignment. We have spent your student technology fee money on buying legal, licensed versions of this software for the lab – you must use them or buy your own license.

If you choose to work on an unlicensed version, you must bring the entire project folder into the lab, open it on a licensed version, save it and then export it. It is your responsibility to make sure the export has cleared the demo messages (they will appear as an orange floating bar at the start of the presentation and in every single cutline).

Again, any project that shows the demo message in class next Monday will be stopped and recorded as a zero – do not do this to yourself.


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