Outside Learning: McGill Symposium and Lecture

Each of the events below will count for one outside learning event. I am also dropping the number required from three to two – so, in theory, you could be done with this next week.

McGill Lecture: Please join us for the 34th McGill Lecture on Wednesday, October 24. Bill Adair, editor of the Pulitzer Prize winning PoltiFact will address The Truth-O-Meter, false balance and the promise of fact checking at 4 p.m. in Room 150 of the Miller Learning Center.

McGill Symposium: These sessions will all be in the Drewry Room here in Grady. Please note the times – the organizer has asked that people not come in or leave during the sessions. You will need to be in the room before it starts and stay until it is completed.

9:00-10:15: The Courage of Storytelling – Andy Miller, Georgia Health News, Eli Sanders, The Stranger

10:30-11:45: The Sports Writer’s Challenge: Taking on the Beloved Institution – Selena Roberts, founder of Roopstigo

12:15-1:30: Editorial Cartoons: The Impact of an Evolving Craft – Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free-Press, Bob Davis, Anniston Star

1:45-3:00: The Truth-O-Meter: False Balance and the Promise of Fact Checking – Bill Adair, PolitiFact, Jim Tharpe, PolitiFact Georgia and the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Please note that Wednesday’s morning class will start at 10:30 and the afternoon class will start at 1:40 to allow you to attend the first and third sessions.


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