ASSIGNMENT: Long, Medium and Close-up

This project will hopefully lead you into your audio slideshow story. Choose a subject to profile (someone who does something visual in good light and is associated with the Athens community) and shoot a three-photo package of them. The long shot should give us a sense of place, scale and/or time. The medium shot should have a great interactive moment to it. And the close-up should reveal something the average person would not know or see.

Your subject should hit on one of the five things Al Tompkins talks about: money, family, health, safety or community. Or some combination of those. Your subject should be someone who is interesting in an on-going manner, not someone who has an event coming up. Event-oriented stories should be avoided.

You will also want to make it clear that you will be coming back to them several times between now and December. Start listening as you shoot, as well – what’s does your story sound like?

In class, I said the deadline for this would be Friday, Oct. 26. In my reshuffling, I failed to recognize that as a UGA holiday when the campus will be closed. So, on Monday, Oct. 29, you will have the first hour of class time to finish up and drop your images on the server. We’ll spend the second half of class looking at your stories.

Questions? Send them along, as always.


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