For this assignment, you need to find a subject/location that will be relatively static while you shoot. Find a place where you have someone in the foreground and something in the background – you want to be able to see the effects of focal length and aperture clearly here.

The foreground subject should be 5-7 feet away for the 28 mm frames and, obviously, further away for the 75 mm frames. You’ll need to produce four pictures for this:

1. 28 mm, f/2.8
2. 28 mm, f/8.0 or smaller aperture opening
3. 75 mm, f/2.8
4. 75 mm, f/8.0 or smaller aperture opening

You want to keep your primary/foreground subject the same size in the frame, so you will have to move quite a bit between the two pairings. Keep an eye on your exposure – as you change the aperture, make sure you’re not lowering your shutter speed to the point where you’ll have sharpness issues.

Full captions, of course, due with these on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, September 21. You will need to come in to the lab during open hours (see hours over on the right column) to download, process and submit these.

Questions? Send or post them.


3 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT: Four Scenes”

    1. They are the same size (as close as can be expected). I will go back over this and switch things around. My problem is I forget which way I shoot because the info doesn’t show your focal length -so there is a chance I have been shooting the right way… Thank you for getting back with me!

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