Grading Rubric for Captions and Images

Captions make up 15 percent of your grade on each assignment, here’s how they will be assessed:

  • AP style errors – 1 point each
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation errors – 2 points each
  • Missing information (contact info, credit info, who, what, when, where, second sentence, etc.) – 5 points each
  • Factual error (incorrect names, names or locations spelled wrong, misidentified or unidentified people or places, etc.) – 15 points

The rest of your grade is broken down as follows:

  • Captions: Captions need to be two sentence, written in Associated Press style and contain who, what, where and when in the first sentence. The second sentence needs to explain why we care about this image. The photographers credit and contact information must be in parenthesis, followed by the subject’s contact information. AP style and grammar, spelling and punctuation count. (15 percent)
  • Technical Execution: Is the image sharp? Is the exposure correct? Is the color balance correct? Has the workflow been followed? Is the file format correct? (20 percent)
  • Composition: Does the image follow established rules of composition? Does it have a clearly established center of interest that flows into a sensible visual hierarchy? Is the background well controlled? Are the edges well controlled? (20 percent)
  • Assignment Criteria: Does the assignment meet the described criteria? (20 percent)
  • Content: Is the subject newsworthy? Is there a reason for the community to need to see this image? Does the content of the image add to our knowledge of our community? (25 percent)

There is also what I call a Death Clause – if you score zero points in one area, then the whole assignment drops to a zero and needs to be redone.


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