Wiki Schedule – Afternoon Section

Here is the schedule for the Afternoon Section of the course for posting to the class wiki.


Week of …  —  Reporter  —  Editor
August 20, 2012   Banes, Jessica Ann   Schafer, Randall Lee
August 27, 2012   Barzegar, Leila Adel   Banes, Jessica Ann
September 5, 2012   Bristow, David Chast   Barzegar, Leila Adel
September 10, 2012   Crowe, Shanda Nicole   Bristow, David Chast
September 17, 2012   Demmitt, Jacob Dwain   Crowe, Shanda Nicole
September 24, 2012   Lander, William Fost   Demmitt, Jacob Dwain
October 1, 2012   Lewis, Kristen Maria   Lander, William Fost
October 8, 2012   McIntosh, Mary Marga   Lewis, Kristen Maria
October 15, 2012   Micheli, Renee Linds   McIntosh, Mary Marga
October 22, 2012   Parker, Zachary Phil   Micheli, Renee Linds
October 29, 2012   Peyton, Eddie   Parker, Zachary Phil
November 5, 2012   Piatczyc, Kylee Eliz   Peyton, Eddie
November 12, 2012   Salas, Damien Franci   Piatczyc, Kylee Eliz
November 26, 2012   Schafer, Randall Lee   Salas, Damien Franci



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