ASSIGNMENT: Stop, Pan & Blur

Due on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 13, three photos – one a stop, one a pan and one a blur. You can have all three of he same subject or of different subjects and remember that all three must have complete, AP-style captions attached.

For the stop, you’re looking to freeze a body in motion. Choose a highly-active subject, someone moving at a significant pace. Use a high enough shutter speed to freeze them

For the pan, choose a subject that is moving perpendicular to your position. I suggest using the autofocus indicator boxes in your viewfinder as a guide – place one of them over your subject and keep it there, that will help improve your shooting percentages. This one image will be the most difficult one you shoot this semester so please put the time into it. Remember this is, at some level, a percentages game – the more you shoot, the better your chances of success are.

For the blur, remember that you’re looking for a study scene with someone or something moving through it. As with the pan, choose a low enough shutter speed that will allow you to show motion in the frame. You can brace the camera on a wall, rock, fence post or any other stable platform if you want.


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