ASSIGNMENT: Campus Feature

Two feature photos, due on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 9. Look for a great moment, a telling slice-of-life image that speaks to what living, studying or working on the UGA campus is like in 2012. Light matters: use a different type of light in each photo (hard, soft or diffused).

Make one image active, full of energy and life, and the other image more contemplative. Look for graphics, look for a great composition, look for great light and layers of information.

You should also take your camera off the automatic white balance setting. You can hit the WB button on the back and then move it to sun, clouds, deep shade, etc., depending on what your light source is. Particularly if you’re going to be shooting in that glorious morning or afternoon light – the auto white balance mode may pull the color out of your image.


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