ASSIGNMENT: Nouns and Verbs

Here’s what you need to do for Wednesday’s class: Practice. Shoot. A lot. Then shoot more.

Find four nouns and shoot each of them in a couple of ways – at 28 mm and 75 mm. Shallow depth of field and stopped down. Play around, try different angles. Experiment.

Then, find four verbs – action things. Do these second as moving subjects are much harder than stationary ones.

Look for decent light. Stay away from shooting indoors or at night as you’ll run into low-shutter speed problems. (I know, the weather isn’t looking grand for the next two days, but this is doable.)

Mostly, get acquainted with your new best friend – that camera will be at your side for the next three months, you have to learn to get along well with it.

Questions? Send them in via whatever method you prefer.

If they relate to the camera, I’ve posted a PDF of the camera manual for you to download and read. (I wouldn’t bother to print it …) Has a lot of info on how the camera works if you want a refresher on it.


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