Posting Slideshows Online

Have gotten several questions about this, so I’ll answer it here …

If you want to post your slideshow online, there are two routes you can go.

To post it as a slideshow, using HTML and the Flash file it generates, you need to upload the entire “publish_to_web” folder onto a web hosting server. (You have access to a web server here at the university.) Once you’ve done that, you can embed the file into a web page.

But all of that involved a not insignificant amount of geekiness. The less-technical way to do this is to take that same “publish_to_web” folder and compress it (or zip it, same effect, different terminology) then upload it into the Soundslides video converter. When it’s done, you’ll get an email and be able to download a video version of your project which you can then upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Blip.

The video files will be much bigger than the HTML bundle, but easier to share if you don’t have a web site already running.

Hope that helps.


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