ASSIGNMENT: The Audio Slideshow

This is due on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2.

After you have finished building your audio slideshow in Soundslides, you need to export it. This will generate a folder titled “publish_to_web” inside your project folder. The “publish_to_web” folder will have seven files and two folders in it – double clicking on the index.html file will launch it into a web browser. Make sure you check that this works and does not have the orange demo message on it.

Once you’re sure it works, rename the “publish_to_web” folder with the date, your initials and a story slug – drop that renamed folder on the server.

If you don’t rename the folder, I won’t accept it. If I see an unnamed folder on the server, I will just delete it. If you submit a project with the demo message on it, we will not watch it and I will delete it. Both of those will, effectively, mean you have missed the deadline and the grade will be recorded as a zero.

Don’t do that.

Wednesday’s class is a work session – the lab will be open during your class time to work on this. Please bring a pair of headphones so we don’t all go crazy.

Questions? Send them in.


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