Two feature photos, due on the server by 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4. Look for a great moment, a telling slice-of-life image that speaks to what living, studying or working on the UGA campus is like in 2011. Light matters: use a different type of light in each photo (hard, soft or diffused). Make one image active, full of energy and life, and the other image more contemplative.

Note that this date is a change from the syllabus due, in part, to the McGill Symposium scheduling on October 26.

On that Wednesday, the morning section will report to the Drewry Room at 10:20 for the session on Terrorism, Tornados and Telling Visual Stories. This is the session with David Handschuh the New York Daily News and Jeff Roberts from the Birmingham News. That will run until 11:45 and, while I’ll be moderating the panel, I will be taking attendance.

The afternoon section will report to the Drewry Room at 1:30 for The Courage to Collaborate and Cooperate panel. Prof. John Greenman will be moderating this talk between Jan Schaffer from the J-Lab and Erich Schwartzel, the project editor for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette’s Pipeline. Again, I’ll be there and taking attendance. This session runs until 3 p.m.

For both sessions, you must arrive at the designated time – with the size of the room and expected audience, arriving late will cause a disturbance in the room. Don’t be that guy. The afternoon section is welcome at the morning talk (and vice-versa), but you will be expected to be in your class’ panel, as well.


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