ASSIGNMENT: Stop, Pan and Blur

By Friday, September 30, at 5 p.m. you need to have three photos dropped on the server – one stop, one pan and one blur.

The stop should dramatically show a body frozen in motion. You’ll need a high shutter speed to get this done.

The pan and blur will need a much slower shutter speed, usually below the 1/60 of a second I have recommended staying above. For the pan, remember you need to match your moving of the camera with the movement of your subject. For the blur, you need to keep the camera still and let something move through the frame. Look for a scene with an interesting foreground and/or background that you will keep sharp.

Captions are needed – and you will need to identify who is in your photos. The general rule of thumb in journalism is if you have five or fewer people in your image, you need to identify them all. That said, if you choose to shoot the pan with someone on a bicycle or moped, you’re going to have to chase them down.

Suggestion: Look for people who do things repeatedly, like run by you on a track. Or do laps as part of a practice session with a bike racing team.


2 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT: Stop, Pan and Blur”

  1. I’m having trouble keeping the non-moving parts of the shot in focus and sharp while doing pans. There is definitely more blur on the moving object, but the still background is also blurry. Tips?

  2. Hard to diagnose without seeing the image, settings and subject matter. Can you email me a sample to look at? I should be in the lab towards the end of lab hours on Thursday, too.

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