ASSIGNMENT: Multimedia

Your completed multimedia (audio slideshow) is due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 29.

Once you have finished building it in Soundslides, click export in the lower right hand corner and it will generate a folder with nine pieces in it – two folders (of images) and seven other files. That folder is called “publish_to_web” – you need to rename that folder and drop the whole folder (with all of its contents) on the server.

A quick Mac tip – if you hold down the Command key and click on the title of any window (for instance, the window that will open when you click export), it will show you the path to that folder. You can then go one step up (which, in this case, will be your Soundslides project folder) to get there. Then, you can rename “publish_to_web” to the assignment’s date, your initials and story slug.

WARNING: If you submit the folder without renaming it, I will not accept it, it will be considered a missed deadline with a grade of 0 assigned.

Why so harsh? Because if two of you do it, then the second person will wipe out the first person’s – and I don’t know if they misnamed their’s or just didn’t turn it in.

WARNING/ADVICE: Test your project. In that folder is a file called “index.html” – if you double click on that, your slideshow will open in your web browser and you’ll be able to watch it. If it doesn’t play, figure out why. If you submit a non-functioning project, it will be a missed deadline with a grade of 0 assigned.

WARNING/SOFTWARE THEFT: If you decide to build your project on an unlicensed version of Soundslides, you must come in to the lab, transfer the entire project onto the hard drive, open it, save it and then click export. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a “Made With Soundslides Demo” message at the opening and on all of the captions. If that message (or something with that intent) appears , I will not accept it, it will be considered a missed deadline with a grade of 0 assigned. We have fully licensed versions of Soundslides for your use, you must use them for this project.


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