ASSIGNMENT: Multimedia Essay, Part 2 (and Audio)

Getting some questions on this … the morning section will be returning their audio kits on Monday, April 11. They will have time at the end of class to download their audio, convert it and back it up to USB drives or CDs.

The afternoon section will get the kits on Monday, April 11, and have them through Monday, April 18, when they will be given time to download, convert and backup their audio.

Starting on Tuesday, April 19, you’ll be able to check out the audio kits individually, but only for a limited time. Use this in case of an emergency – a story change or catastrophic failure of some sort. You want to get your audio recorded in the week you have the kits.

You will need to have your audio edited by Monday, April 25. Class time that week will be dedicated to producing your audio slideshows, which are due on the server by 4 p.m. on Friday, April 29. (If you’re very efficient, you won’t need to do this during lab time as you’ll have all of Monday and Wednesday’s class to work on it.)

We will not look at your second shoot or listen to your audio prior to then in class. If you want to bring selects by my office, I’m always willing to take a look.

Questions? Fire away …


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