Choose a scene to document, one that has strong foreground and background elements. Shoot four photographs with the same composition (meaning that your foreground element should stay the same size in each version), altering the focal length and the aperture as follows:

    1. 28 mm, f/2.8

    2. 28 mm, smallest aperture possible*

    3. 75 mm, f/2.8

    4. 75 mm, smallest aperture possible*

* Maximum of f/8

You will have to move yourself a significant amount when you switch form the 28 mm to the 75 mm composition. The primary subject needs to stay the same size within the frame. (It may be easier to shoot the 75 mm first, then move in for the 28 mm.)

Ensure that your subject isn’t going to move on you, but it does need to have a human/storytelling element to it.

This is due on the server by 2 p.m. on Friday, February 25. Please note the time – the lab will close at 2 p.m., not 4 p.m., on that Friday.


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