Common Photo Mechanic Codes

The following are what will probably be the most common variables you’ll use this semester. You can always access the full list by clicking on the Variables button in the stationary pad or in the copy window.

To use these commands, the code needs to be in the curly brackets – {….}

  • day – Single, numerical day of the month (1, 2, etc)
  • day0 – Two-digit day of the month (01, 02, etc.)
  • dow – Day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
  • mn0 – Two-digit month (01, 02, etc.)
  • mnap – AP month abbreviation (Jan., Feb., etc.)
  • yr4 – Four-digit year (2011)
  • yr2 – Tw0-digit year (11)
  • city – Picks up the city from that field
  • state – Picks up the state from that field
  • photog – Picks up the photographer from that field

This will generate the six-digit date code we use for naming all photos (note that there are no spaces in here): {yr2}{mn0}{day0}

This will generate the location and date in a caption (note that there are spaces where needed): in {city}, {state}, on {dow}, {mnap} {day}, {yr4}.

And, remember that Photo Mechanic is now on sale. Available for Mac and Windows machines.


One thought on “Common Photo Mechanic Codes”

  1. Photo Mechanic: Bought and downloaded. Now professor, teach me the ways of the photographer on Photo Mechanic, s’il vous plaît!

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