ASSIGNMENT: Nouns and Verbs

For Monday, January 31, go shoot at least four nouns and four verbs.

For the nouns, find inanimate objects and shoot them from different angles, different focal lengths, try different shutter speeds and apertures – just GO PLAY. What does a fire hydrant look like when you shoot straight down on it? Or shoot it from the ground looking up? How does it look at sunrise versus high noon? Can you make a chain link fence look solid by shooting it from an oblique angle? How close can you get to the hardware that ties the fence to the post?

For the verbs, do the same. Maybe you choose walking – feet on the ground, feet in the air, feet from the ground, people walking alone, people walking in massive groups. What does falling or jumping or relaxing look like?

Fill your cards, push the camera around. Make sure you’re doing this for fun. Enlist your friends for ideas, then ignore them completely if you want.

Questions? Send them along.


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