ASSIGNMENT: Read, Connect, Ponder

Well, it was nice to put faces with all of the names I’ve had for the last week. Of course, I don’t know that I put your face with your name, but I’ll work on that in the coming weeks.

For next Wednesday, please read the Introduction, Forward and Part One in the Joe McNally book, The Life Guide to Digital Photography. (I was really hoping someone would have an iPad so I could ask later how the experience of using a digital text book was.)

You will also need to go to and create an account, then send me the email address you used to create it so I can add you as a contributor to the class blog. You’ll have to make a few posts throughout the semester, so we need to get that set up by Wednesday, as well. You don’t have to create a blog of your own for this class, though you may feel you want one at some point. If you do, choose your name wisely.

As you’re going through the book, jot down any questions you might have or things you’re curious about, we’ll have a little Q&A next week to talk about these things. If something is burning a hole in your brain before then, ask in whatever medium you feel is most appropriate. (Please, no singing telegrams to my home. They freak out the dog.)


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