Meeting on Friday

Well, since we are allegedly opening later this morning, I suppose we will meet on Friday. If you look at your schedule in Oasis, you’ll see the meeting times for this class are a little odd.

Monday and Wednesday classes run for two periods (either 10:10-12:05 or 1:25 to 3:20) but Friday is just one 50 minute blitz. As a general rule, we don’t meet on Fridays. (If you do the math, that’s almost five contact hours a week for a three credit class.)

But … because we lost the first two meetings, we will meet this Friday and probably next Friday, too. Unless the university does something silly like scrapping spring break to make up the lost days …

Thanks for sending in the photos, please continue to post comments on them. I’ve never done this before, very happy with the results, participation and comments as it is helping me see how you see now. And I may ask you to come back and look at these again in April to see how your opinions have changed on them.

Stay warm, walk slowly.


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