Snow Photos!

Well, that worked stunningly well, much better than I expected it to as more than half of you have sent in photos, all posted below.

I’ll reserve my comments on these for a few days, but tell us (in the comments) what you see in these images. What did you learn? What did you like? What didn’t you like? What ideas will you steal for your own images this semester? (One of my favorite people ever (who I will reference relentlessly this semester), taught me that good designers borrow ideas – and great ones steal them.)

To the images, after the break …

(Photo/Matthew Allen)
(Photo/Gabriella Baetti)
(Photo/Jordan Beaman)
(Photo/Brittany Biddy)
(Photo/Wes Blakenship)
(Photo/Mitch Blomert)
(Photo/Andrea Briscoe)
(Photo/Colin Frawley)
(Photo/Brooke Goodson)
(Photo/Brooke Goodson)
(Photo/Brooke Goodson)
(Photo/Brooke Goodson)
(Photo/Ashley Hieb)
(Photo/Christina Klug)
(Photo/Taylor Merck)
(Photo/Taylor Merck)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Nate Thurman)
(Photo/Devin Webb)
(Photo/Unknown ... we will talk about this ... a lot)

9 thoughts on “Snow Photos!”

  1. I loved the fact that the assignment asked for photos that told a story about the storm and each photo tells someone’s personal story about the snowpocalypse.

    I’ve learned a small bit of information about my classmates: who has a dog, who has a car, who likes to venture out in adverse weather conditions, who just likes to play in the snow, and who has a sense of humor.

    I liked that everyone chose a personal angle so that a story could be told about the Athens snowpocalypse 2011. I don’t like that everyone isn’t yet equipped with a wonderful, clear camera–but that will change shortly!

    As far as stealing ideas, I actually borrowed/stole the ruler in the snow idea from you! I saw it on your website and loved the idea. First thing I did in the snow: yelled at everyone not to “mess the snow up,” then ran out there with a ruler and took 30 photos at different angles to get my shot. Thanks for the tip, MEJ!

  2. Hello!
    I actually just saw this assignment . So I’m here to leave my two cents. Hope it’s worth your read!

    The main thing that I liked about these collections of photo was the contrast. It seemed to be a relatively constant theme throughout. Although snow was the main force driving the mood-other aspects of the photo took it to a whole new level.

    For example, through these pictures, I was able to see different ways snow can be depicted. In the light- it is white, pure, and brings joy. However, the mood darkens once the sky darkens. Snow can then be harmful and cause despair and accidents for people. The first picture is great depicting the “horrors”, if you will, of something that seems harmless. I also like the “good luck” sign in the front of the photo. It fit it so perfectly.

    The only thing I would say I didn’t like was the bluriness of some of the pictures. Although that may bother me, the photographer’s intent for the photo was unknown. Was it meant to be blurry? Who knows. But that’s the great thing about photos. Although it may be universal…there is also a sense of relativeness to it as well.

    Again, sorry for the delay in my participation for this. I did not see the email until late!
    Until then,

  3. I agree. The lightness and different contrasts make the photos look very different; the darker images and the ones with the most contrast make the landscape look sadder, heavier.

    If you’re trying to take photos when it’s dark and use an automatic camera setting, rest your camera on a ledge or car or whatever you can find nearby, it’ll make your images a lot sharper.

  4. The first photo of the snow covered fountain is mine. I am sorry. I was not sure how to properly send the photo.

    What I have seen from the photos so far is incredible. The way snow reflects light can sometimes change the reality of the picture though. I love the pictures that show what people have had to do to entertain themselves at a time like this. If anything, in the future I will be borrowing that idea of depicting how people respond to the unexpected– Good and bad.

  5. I think it is really interesting looking at all these pictures because it really shows a lot about the photographer’s personality. There’s the contrast of the guy playing with his dog to the simplicity of a set of foot prints in an other wise untouched patch of snow to the humor of the ‘good luck’ sign to the literalness of the ruler in the snow. Its fun to look at everyone’s pictures and wonder where in Athens they were and how they spent their snow day.

  6. I’ve really enjoyed looking through these photos because of the unique perspectives given in each! My favorite part was trying to guess how the photo was taken, whether it was right from the person’s doorstep or an up close and personal view of the winter wonderland. It was interesting to see which pictures people selected to submit, simply because sometimes choosing only one can be extremely difficult.

  7. I loved how the photos show the variety of locations everyone was at ranging from downtown Athens, to a dark lonely street, to a backyard. It showed all the different ways people can enjoy the snow.
    I especially enjoyed the photo with the headlights lighting up the snow covered road making it appear ominous. Next time it snows I want to give it a try!

  8. These pictures were a really fun way to start the semester off since we have not had the chance to even meet everyone in the class. It gives us a chance to see people’s personalities before walking into the classroom. The “GOOD LUCK” car photo is my favorite, I just find it hilarious!

  9. I really loved how everyone chose something different to photograph. Some pictures are only about the snow and its effect on nature and Athens and others show the excitement of people playing outside, how a dog reacts or how a simple scene (garbage can with snow piled up) can be intriguing.

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