Will We Meet Tomorrow?

Well, I have no idea right now … but if you believe the weather mystics and statistics, the chances seem slim. So, how do we, as journalists, deal with this?

I think we tell a story. This gives us a great opportunity for a little experiment – I want to see how you see, right now, before we ever talk.

So, if the university is declared closed on Monday, wander outside and shoot a photo that you think tells a story about the storm. I know, you don’t have a fancy camera … cell phone photos are fine if that’s what you have. Point and shoot, web cam … whatever you have, use it. (In fact, there’s a great book by Chase Jarvis called The Best Camera is the One That’s With You and a web site of images to go with it.) Just put light to pixels and email it to me at vizjournalism at gmail period com . I’ll post some of them here, just for fun.

This is all if the campus is shuttered Monday. Images I get by, say, Tuesday morning I’ll post here so we can take a look.

Assuming we have power … maybe I should have you sketch something instead, chances of your pencil losing power is pretty slim …


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