ASSIGNMENT: Nouns & Verbs

For Wednesday, September 1, please shoot three nouns and three verbs. Try different angles, different exposures, different focal lengths. Remember what we talked about with committing to your compositions, especially on the verbs.

Shoot a lot, push the camera around, come in with questions or comments (or post them here). We will go through the downloading process in class on Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT: Nouns & Verbs”

  1. I was wondering if there is a benefit to manually focusing? I have been practicing shooting Manually for about 3 months now, but have not had any experience with manually focusing the lens. From practicing today, I have found that I miss some photo opportunities because I’m having trouble focusing fast enough. Will focusing become easier with practice?

  2. Focusing does become easier with practice. We do the manual focusing thing because it offers you more precision in where you place the focus and it forces you to pay attention to what’s in the view finder.

    Plus, I’m old and I had to do it this way … and the AF system on that camera and lens is not very good. You’ll get used to it and get better at it over time.

  3. I’m trying to clarify what you mean by, “we will go over the downloading process in class on Wednesday.” I’m assuming that means to come in to class with the 200+ photos on the camera, and from there, we will shorten the stack to the six that were assigned?

  4. Exactly – come to class with your card and camera, we’ll go through the download and editing process in class on Wednesday.

  5. My card got filled up today, but I’m not sure how it happened because when i look through my pictures they go from 800 something down to about 300 and then start over. I know I didn’t take 800 pictures so I’m not sure what happened. Also, where the “9” is supposed to be on the right of the viewfinder there is a 1 now. I’m kind of worried I messed up my camera or something! Do you know what might have caused this?

  6. Don’t worry – it doesn’t sound like anything is wrong, but we’ll take a look tomorrow and figure it out.

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