For Monday, please read sections 1-4 in the manual for your camera, you’ll need that info for when we issue cameras on Monday.

Post questions here by Sunday morning and I’ll answer them, either in the comments or in class.


2 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT: Reading”

  1. One part I had a bit of confusion on was regarding the battery. In the manual, it says when you’re not using the camera, remove the battery and store it with the protective cover. But, I’m confused about storing it after being fully charged. Can you elaborate on why the charge can lower the battery’s performance?

    Also, the manual was alot of information to take in. Once we get the cameras in hand and begin to work with them, will this knowledge get easier with time?

  2. The storage they recommend for the battery only applies to long-term storage – several months or more. The way we’ll use the camera, you can go from charger to camera and back.

    Every battery has a limited life cycle (charge and discharge), that may be why some manufactures recommend against leaving the battery on the charger. They recommend against leaving batteries, unused, in cameras for storage in case there is a leak.

    Learning the camera is like learning to type – very slow at first, but the more you use it, the easier it becomes. Don’t worry about it now.

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