One Day Out

We’re 24 hours away from starting your next great adventure. I hope you’re ready.

The syllabus for this semester has now been posted online. There’s a series of links off to the right that you’ll use throughout the semester, handouts and the other blog you’re required to check every day. (Every Day? Every DAY?!? First tip – get yourself an RSS reader and make your life much, much easier. Don’t know what one is? Ask, but I recommend either Google Reader or Netvibes. Reader is more portable, Netvibes is easier to organize but falls apart a bit on smart phones and tablets.)

Your textbook is available at the bookstore and the first reading assignment will be due a week from Monday so if you want to hunt online, feel free. But I’d do it right now.

I will never claim to be a social media expert, but I’m out there on Facebook and Twitter and AIM, connect how you see fit.

You’ve made a choice to take on a very challenging class. You don’t have to do this, but here you are. My expectations are high and it is very rare that a student doesn’t rise to meet them. This class is wildly different from almost everything else you’ve taken here at Grady or UGA. I am a teacher, I am not a grader. My job is to help you learn, not assign a semi-random letter to your experience in four months time. Be prepared, be on time, be willing to learn.



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