Portfolio Guidelines

Your final portfolio is due, on the server, by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 5. The server will be shut down at precisely 5 – the time will be displayed on the projection screen starting around 4 p.m. and will be announced throughout the day.

Your portfolio is to contain 10 images you shot this semester. They need to have full Associated Press style captions on them, including your credit and contact information along with the subject’s contact info. You can use the original names from when you shot the photos, they do not need to be renamed.

Those 10 images, along with the final version of your audio slide show, need to be placed in a folder named “lastname_portfolio” and dropped on the server. Even if you didn’t change your slideshow you need to put it in that folder.

For your slideshow, remember you’re submitting the renamed “publish_to_web” folder which should contain nine files, including an index.HTML file. Make sure it is all there and that it plays.

Your 10 images should demonstrate a variety of subjects (I recommend no more than three images from any one subject), a variety of styles (long, medium and close-up), good moments, good compositions and technical excellence (sharp, well exposed, well controlled and in the proper file format – jpgs). Captions count – proof read them and find a friend to proof read them, as well.

I am more than happy to take a look at what you’re considering, but in the last hour or two on Wednesday will only deal with technical problems in the lab.

Which brings us to lab hours … Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the lab will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The lab will close promptly at 5 – please do not dally, be ready to leave at the appropriate time. Ms. Collins will be in the lab on Monday, I will be there Tuesday and Wednesday.

Don’t wait until Wednesday afternoon, either. There are two sections of classes who need to produce their portfolios. Do not take a chance, do not wait. The Miller Learning Center has a media lab if you want to work on your photos there over the weekend. (We normally open on reading day but the university has decreed fit as a furlough day.) Audacity and Soundslides are available online for Mac and Windows but make sure your final show does not have the demo warnings on it. It is your responsibility to make sure it works correctly.

Questions? Ask, here, by email or in person.


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