Learning from the Nuts

Okay, that wasn’t very funny … but it comes from this: Scott Bourne, who does a ton of teaching on photography (not always photojournalism) has a post up on where to start learning.

Several of you are on the cusp of moving from learning photography to learning photojournalism, and the rest of you will get there shortly. But remember what I’ve said often – the only way to get better at this is to do it. You can stare at the text book all night long, you won’t be a better photographer in the morning. Read about what you’re struggling with, then go do it.

Struggling with depth of field concepts? Walk outside, stand at the back door of your car. Focus on the side view mirror and shoot a frame at f/2.8. Stop down to f/4.0, adjust your shutter speed, shoot another frame. Repeat until you get to f/22 – then download the card and look at the images. What do you see?


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