ASSIGNMENT: Depth of Field and Lens Selection

Due on the server by 5 p.m., September 11 …

Four photographs with the same composition, altering the focal length and the aperture as follows:

1. 28 mm, f/2.8
2. 28 mm, smallest aperture possible*
3. 75 mm, f/2.8
4. 75 mm, smallest aperture possible*

* Maximum of f/8

I would shoot the 75 mm frames first, then move in closer for the 28 mm frames. Sometimes you can’t back up enough to get the exact same composition. You WILL have to move yourself quite a bit between the two sets of photos. Make sure the edges and general placement of elements within your photo stay the same.

Also remember that changing your aperture will force you to change your shutter speed and/or ISO to compensate for the change in light coming through the lens.


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