Deadline: 45 Minutes

Hopefully, I’m sitting alone in the lab right now. Which means you’re probably sitting elsewhere with nothing to do. So, my recommendation: download Slaid Cleaves’ No Angel Knows album and listen to his storytelling. Particularly Dance Around the Fire – listen to the dramatic pause in there when Katie shuts the door and turns to Bill … man, it’ll just melt your soul.

Posting Your Multimedia Shows

Some of you have asked how you can share your shows and there are two ways of doing this.

If you have your own web site, you can take that publish_to_web folder and upload it to your side, then link to it. You can also upload it and then use the Soundslides Emebed utility if you have a CMS in place. That will also work, sometimes, if you don’t have a self-hosted site.

Second option, which will degrade the quality a little and cause you to lose the captions, is to convert it to a video using the Soundslides Video Converter. You will need to compress the exported publish_to_web folder and then upload it, then you’ll get a link emailed to you and you can download the video. Then upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube.

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